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Attachments and Accessories You Need For Your Mower

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  • 23-11-2023
Attachments and Accessories You Need For Your Mower

Find out more about attachments and accessories you need for your mower. From bagging and mulching kits to protective covers and maintenance tools, we cover everything you need to maximise efficiency and convenience.

What are the different kinds of lawn mower accessories?

Absolute lawn care requires meticulous attention to every detail, and this includes your lawn mower. Does your mower have the right attachments and accessories? Ensuring that it does is pivotal to maintaining a flourishing, beautiful garden. However, the question is, are you well-versed with the distinct types of lawn mower attachments?

There is an assortment of essential accessories and attachments for your mowers that enhance their function and optimise their performance. These range from fundamental requirements, like extra safety guards, to practical attachments that include baggers, mulching blades, leaf sweepers, and towable carts. Baggers are an essential accessory to any mower. They collect grass clippings and leaves swiftly, ensuring your lawn remains neat and clean.

On the other hand, leaf sweepers are super-efficient tools designed explicitly for the quick and effortless collection of leaves and small debris. Mulching blades serve a dual purpose; they finely cut your lawn grass and return the clippings back to the lawn as mulch. The benefit of this is the enrichment of your garden, ensuring it stays nourished and healthy.

Furthermore, towable carts, which can be attached to garden tractors, are perfect for hauling heavy items around your garden. It's worth noting, though, that before you purchase any mower accessory, it's crucial to understand its uses, benefits, and compatibility with your device.


A grass catcher also referred to as a bagger, is considered to be an indispensable attachment and accessory for your lawn mower. It serves a crucial function - it is purposely crafted to captivate the grass cuttings within a specially designed bag, rather than leaving them scattered all over the garden whilst completing the mowing process. Standing among the many useful tools for maintaining your garden, a bagger bestows several benefits upon its user.

Primarily, the use of a bagger means that the laborious work of raking up the cut grass after mowing the lawn becomes redundant - as it collects all of the clippings for you, saving you both time and effort. The result? A garden which perpetually looks pristine, tidy and pleasing to the eye.

Moreover, baggers can serve another useful purpose: they can act as a weapon in the war against garden weeds. In gardens where weeds are prolific and threatening to take over, the bagger steps in to prevent the spread of weed seeds, by capturing the cuttings in which they reside.

Attachments and Accessories You Need For Your Mower

This, in turn, can considerably aid efforts in controlling weed infestations. Baggers are widely available on the market and come in a vast array of designs and sizes. This means you can easily find one that perfectly suits your lawn mower and your specific needs. When you are considering the purchase of a bagger, make sure to take into account certain aspects: the size of your garden, the quantity of grass you typically have to cut and, very crucially, the specific model of your mower.

This last consideration is of vital importance, as you want to ensure that the bagger is compatible with your mower for a seamless, effortless collection process for the grass cuttings. Opting for a bagger that fits your mower model correctly will make the maintenance of your garden a smooth and enjoyable task.

Leaf Sweeper

Leaf Sweeper - Lawn Mover Attachments and Accessories

The leaf sweeper is a vital mower attachment accessory specifically designed to efficiently manage leaves and small debris scattered around your garden. It operates by being hauled behind garden tractors, smoothly sweeping across the turf and gathering leaves in its path.

Using a leaf sweeper offers a handy method of freeing your lawn of leaves without the laborious task of collecting them by hand. They prove to be especially useful during the autumn season when leaves consistently drop from trees in large quantities. Opting to use a leaf sweeper doesn't just save you valuable time, it also ensures that your lawn maintains its tidy appearance.

There are several factors to contemplate when selecting a leaf sweeper. These include the sweeper's size, how much storage space it would require when not in use, and the dimensions of your lawn.

Larger leaf sweepers have the capability to cover more ground in a shorter time span, rendering them the ideal choice if you have a considerably large lawn area. Opting for the leaf sweeper that suits your needs can make maintaining the beauty of your lawn a less time-consuming and arduous task. Therefore, considering all aspects carefully will guarantee the best choice for you and your garden.

Mulching Blades

Mulching blades are an excellent choice for lawn care as they operate on the principle of recycling. These blades chop up grass clippings finely, allowing them to be returned back to the lawn, creating a natural layer or mulch. By doing so, they enrich the soil with vital nutrients that aid in the healthy growth of your grass.

In essence, using mulching blades comes with a raft of benefits. For starters, they can significantly reduce the amount of water that your lawn requires. This is because the grass clippings used as mulch help to retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need for frequent watering.

Furthermore, mulching blades also save you from incurring the costs associated with applying fertilisers. This is due to the natural nutrients that the mulched grass clippings release into the soil thereby enriching it and promoting the growth of your lawn.

Moreover, these blades contribute to a tidy mowing process. By chopping the grass clippings into fine particles, they prevent them from being thrown around, making mowing cleaner and without the usual mess. However, when intending to purchase mulching blades, it's imperative to ensure they are compatible with your mower. Each mower has specific blade requirements, and using incompatible blades can lead to sub-par mowing performance or even damage to the mower. Therefore, it's always recommended to check for compatibility first.

Towable Cart

A towable cart is an indispensable attachment designed specifically for garden tractors which helps to simplify and speed up a variety of garden tasks. These aren't just transport vehicles, they're garden workhorses, designed to make life that bit easier when it comes to navigating the garden and carrying out daily horticultural tasks.

These particular carts can be essential garden aids when it comes to moving heavy or bulky items around, whether it's garden waste, logs, equipment or soil. They provide a no-fuss solution for effectively transporting substantial quantities of garden waste or materials with ease and speed. This can save considerable time and energy compared to carrying items by hand or using a wheelbarrow.

Towable carts are designed to fit onto the back of a garden tractor, harnessing the power of the vehicle to pull them along. This helps to make them incredibly versatile pieces of equipment, fit for a multitude of tasks in the garden. You just load them up and off you go, moving everything you need, where you need it, all in one go. It's efficiency and simplicity rolled into one.

Towable Cart - Lawn Mover Attachments and Accessories

As with any accessory, it's important to choose a towable cart that is the right size and design for your specific requirements. The capacity of the cart, measured in terms of weight, is a key facet to consider. A cart that's too small won't be helpful, whereas a cart that's too large might be unwieldy.

You also need to consider the types of garden tasks you do most frequently - some carts are better suited for specific tasks than others. The size of your garden is another vital consideration, as is your garden tractor.

The cart needs to be proportionate to the tractor's power and size to ensure smooth operation. A correct match between your tractor and cart ensures your safety during operation and improves the lifespan and performance of both your tractor and the cart. In conclusion, a towable cart is a crucial piece of equipment for garden tractors, providing ease and efficiency for your gardening days. Choose your cart wisely, and you'll reap the benefits of saved time and energy for many seasons to come.

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