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Garden Machinery Servicing and Repairs

Are you looking for garden machinery servicing and repairs in Northampton and Northamptonshire? The Mower Shop Northampton are the leading provider of lawnmower repairs and ride-on mower servicing.

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Lawn Mower Repairs

Lawn Mower Repairs

Here at The Mower Shop in Northampton, we supply our customers with a huge collection and range of available services to aid and assist you with partial or fully damaged garden machinery to make any job in the garden a whole lot easier. 

We also provide our customers with an ''after-sales'' service to come with any of the products you have purchased from us. Upon purchasing from our store, if your machinery requires repairing or any expert advice is needed, we will provide the necessary means to keep your required machinery running for as long as possible.

Equipped with the skills needed for very efficient and professional services, our team offers repairs and maintenance to tend to any problems you may have with any of your garden's devices, using our most up to date latest technology to repair and change any broken machinery or tools. 

Garden Machinery Servicing and Repairs

Ride-On Mower Servicing

At The Mower Shop, we stock many Ride-on mowers displayed in our store's showroom in West Haddon. 


Our proficient department, well-informed staff and technicians are accessible to you for any information on our mowers and provide very handy workshop demonstrations on the mowers in stock during opening hours

Time Consuming?

You're looking for more than a cylinder, hover or rotary mower? Ride-on mowers are efficient and save plenty of your time and effort. 

Extensive Lawn?

Maybe you have a more extensive lawn that stretches over several hundred square metres. You may require or be interested in one of our ride-on mowers.  In some cases, hand-propelled or perhaps even self-propelled mowers are not enough to cut acres upon acres of grass. 

Hands-on Try?

Whatever it may be, The Mower Shop will happily do our best to provide you with the machinery necessary for the job. We also offer our customers the opportunity to try out our equipment before purchasing to grips with the machinery and test the most preferred models. 

Lawn Mower Spares and Accessories

As for any spares or add-on accessories for your lawnmower, The Mower Shop offers a wide variety of authorised affordable extras for your selected machines. We are confident that we can supply our customers with the necessary equipment or spare part that you may need for your appliance and if not, ask a member of staff; we may be able to search for and direct you to a place to visit where you may find a match.

Leading name brands

Hayter  |  Billy Goat  |  Mountfield  |  Honda  |  Ambrogio  |  Stihl  |  And more 

Here at The Mower Shop, we house a range of makes from all major manufacturers and leading name brands, including Hayter, Billy Goat, Mountfield, Honda, Ambrogio, Stihl and various others you may be seeking to find. Rest assured as we offer a Price Match that guarantees our customers the best prices at hand. 


Spare parts  |  Hedge cutters  |  Strimmers  |  Leaf blowers  |  Chippers  |  Chainsaws  |  And more 

To enable us to help you, be sure to take note of the model number and manufacturer of the lawnmower you have, get the serial or frame number, and we will be able to help you match up to any spare part you desire. Our accessories extend to anything from hedge cutters, strimmers, leaf blowers to chippers, chainsaws, along with several other domestic gardening items and equipment.

Garden Machinery Maintenance

Garden Machinery Maintenance

Our company offers maintenance for all of your garden machinery, no matter the manufacturers. Replacing garden machinery can be quite an expensive business. However, first, it is good to build for yourself a maintenance routine that allows for regular check-ups on your appliances so that you can identify any parts that may need replacing or repairing.

Here at The Mower Shop, we wish all of your machinery to be in good condition and prolong its running. For any standard power tools, make sure to look out for any cords that could have damages or blades that need sharpening; if you feel as though you cannot replace this yourself, ask our experts for advice, or we may be able to offer this service to you. 

Any tools with blades or parts you feel could cause damage if you attempted repair independently; 'we, The Mower Shop centre, are happy to provide this maintenance and carry out the job to ensure everything following is working at optimal conditions. Our garden machinery maintenance services can assure that your tools will return to you in tip-top shape, just like new and reduce its risks of any breakdowns anytime soon.   

Garden Machinery Servicing and Repairs

If you require lawnmower repairs or spares we can supply the parts and experience that you need.

Qualified engineers

In addition to our friendly and knowledgeable sales team, The Mower Shop Northampton also have a team of talented engineers who can offer a reliable maintenance service for your garden equipment. 

Optimum condition

As with any machinery, regular servicing can ensure that it's working at optimum condition and reduce the risk of sudden breakdowns, as well as its related stress, inconvenience and costs. You don't have to own a fleet of lawnmowers to take advantage of this service. 

Competitive repairs 

We offer competitive repairs for all brands and models, using the up to date equipment to accurate diagnose faults and an efficient repair. For more information, please call our experienced team at 01788 510453 to see how we can help.

Free quote

Our engineers are trained to work with all major brands, so give us a call to request your free quote. There's nothing more frustrating than waiting for a sunny day to finally arrive, then finding out that your mower isn't working. 



      If you require garden machinery servicing and repairs in Northampton and Northamptonshire call 01788 510453 today to discuss our services.