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How to Keep Your Petrol Mower Running Perfectly

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  • 06-09-2023
How to Keep Your Petrol Mower Running Perfectly

Use the Right Fuel

The foremost aspect you should verify is whether the appropriate fuel type is being utilised for your mower's engine. Petrol mowers typically operate on unleaded petrol, and the usage of incorrect fuel can potentially lead to considerable harm over time.

It is always advised to refer to your mower's manual to ascertain the optimal type of fuel to utilise. Be cautious to not use fuel that has stagnated in a can for an overly drawn-out duration. Fuel has the tendency to become stale following an approximate period of 30 days, which can subsequently lead to complications in initiating your mower's engine.

Furthermore, it is recommended to steer clear of using fuel with a high component of ethanol, for it can inflict damage to the engine. A solution you might want to consider is the addition of a fuel stabiliser to your lawnmower's fuel supply.

This specific product is designed to maintain the fuel's quality, keeping it fresh and clean. By taking such a step, you can effectively reduce the prospect of facing problems with starting your mower. This is particularly beneficial if your mower is stored over winter, as the stabiliser will prevent clogging and corrosion in the fuel system. Always remember, that proper care and maintenance can extend the lifespan of any machinery, including your faithful mower.

Refill the Engine Oil

Engine oil is an intrinsic part of the operation of any petrol mower. Regular checks and refills of this crucial component can significantly impact the performance of your mower. A broad range of performance issues with your mower can often be traced back to situations where the oil is either too low or dirty.

The purpose of engine oil is not just to lubricate the internal components of the mower's engine. It also serves to counteract the intense heat generated during operation and prevent excessive wear and tear, thus extending the lifespan of the unit.

Over time, however, engine oil tends to accumulate contaminants such as dirt and grass clippings. These minuscule particles can severely dilute the oil's ability to lubricate the engine effectively if left unchecked. For someone who is not intimately familiar with engines, identifying such contaminants may pose a daunting challenge. These contaminants are generally hard to spot with an untrained eye, primarily due to their microscopic nature.

Consequently, it's not always possible to ascertain the level of contamination in the engine oil just by gauging its colour or consistency. In light of these considerations, a routine replacement of your mower's oil is recommended. According to industry standards, it is advisable to change the oil after every 50 hours of operation.

Alternatively, an annual change should be sought, whichever comes first. This guideline is designed to ensure that your mower's engine retains its functional efficiency and has a prolonged operational life. Adhering to these simple oil maintenance steps can prevent subtle, but catastrophic, engine damage.

Ultimately, the health of the engine is undeniably linked with the performance quality of your petrol mower. By ensuring that the engine oil is frequently checked and refilled, you're investing in long-term, hassle-free mower performance. In conclusion, maintaining the quality of your mower's engine oil is not an option—it's an essential aspect of responsible mower maintenance. By keeping a keen eye on this, you can facilitate a smoother, more efficient mowing experience while also extending the lifespan of your mower considerably.

Clean and Replace the Air Filter

A crucial part of keeping your petrol mower in good condition is the regular checking, cleaning or replacing of the air filter. The role of the air filter is to capture any dust and debris that may otherwise penetrate the engine and cause potential damage. If the air filter becomes dirty or blocked, it can limit the amount of air flowing into the engine. This in turn can negatively affect its efficiency and overall performance. This is why it is paramount to inspect the air filter before each use of your petrol mower.

However, it's important to remember that a quick inspection may not uncover a heavily soiled filter. A more thorough inspection is necessary approximately every 25 hours of operation, as this will help you spot any signs of an overly dirty filter that needs cleaning or replacing. If left unchecked, a clogged filter can reduce your mower's performance, increase fuel consumption, or even lead to motor malfunction.

Maintaining your air filter not only ensures the health of your tool but also protects your investment. Parts such as filters are not expensive, but the cost of replacing a full engine can be much higher. So, it's essential to make upkeep a top priority. In sum, consistent checking and cleaning of your mower's air filter is vital to its optimal performance and longevity.

Sharpen the Blades

Maintaining the sharpness of your lawn mower's blades is pivotal in achieving an immaculate cut. When your mower's blades are blunt, they can damage the grass instead of cutting it, causing it to appear unhealthy and possibly welcoming disease. Quite often, the blades of your mower should be sharpened after every 20-25 hours of usage. This time period is an approximation and it can vary depending on how frequently you use your mower and the type of grass you are cutting.

If you're mowing heavy, tough grass or if you're mowing in an area that is rocky, the blades might become dull much quicker, requiring sharpening much more frequently. It's also crucial to note that the environment in which you'll be using your mower plays a significant role in how often you should sharpen your blades.

For instance, if you're using your mower in a space that is not particularly well-kept or more challenging terrain, it will dull your blades faster. In conclusion, attentive maintenance of your mower's blades not only ensures that your lawn appears vibrant and healthy but also prolongs the lifespan of your mower. Hence, considering the type of grass and the environment you're mowing is crucial to determining the frequency of sharpening your mower's blades.

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing is an integral part of ensuring your petrol mower remains in excellent working condition. The main focus of equipment maintenance revolves around making certain that every part of your mower is clean, properly lubricated, and operating correctly.

Just as you would not hesitate to take your vehicle for systematic servicing, it is equally critical not to overlook the servicing of your mower. Regular maintenance does not only entail cleaning the undercarriage of the machine but also includes other tasks like changing the spark plug.

These simple tasks, when carried out consistently, can dramatically increase the lifespan of your mower. In addition, it ensures that the mower continues to function with reliable efficiency, handling its mowing tasks with precision and ease. Never forget that each mower model is unique, having its own set of specific features and components.

As a result, each one has its service and maintenance requirements. As the owner of a mower, it is of great importance that you always refer to your manufacturer's manual for instructions specific to your machine. This manual provides guidelines tailored for your particular model, spelling out the appropriate servicing schedules and necessary requirements. Strict adherence to these procedures will aid in keeping your mower in peak condition, ensuring it is always ready to take on its mowing tasks at a moment's notice.

In essence, regular servicing is more than just the act of preserving your mower's functionality. It is a commitment to enhancing its durability and ultimate performance. It saves you the cost of frequent repairs or the need to replace your mower prematurely.

So, remember to maintain a consistent servicing schedule, because it is this routine that forms the backbone of keeping your petrol mower running perfectly and assures you many years of efficient and dependable mowing service.

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