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Here at The Mower Shop, we are proud to be the Midland's number one lawnmower and other garden equipment store. Not only do we have a phenomenal range of products for every use you can imagine, but all our staff are full to the brim of insightful knowledge.

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If you're curious about the types of products that we sell here at The Mower Shop, then our website is packed with information that can help you out. We even have a whole section of just product videos, so if you can't make it to our showroom, you can still how the machines we sell look in action.

Which lawnmower should I buy?

If you are looking to purchase a lawnmower, then the options might at first seem overwhelming. There are a huge variety of different lawnmower types, all for different specific purposes and with different specification details. Here are some of the things you should consider when looking to purchase a lawnmower.

How much grass will actually need mowing? Do you have a large or small lawn? What shape is the lawn? Are there unusual obstacles to cut around?

Do you want a lawnmower that will deal with your grass clippings for you?

Do you want your new lawnmower to be electric, petrol or completely cordless?

When you're done cutting, what finish do you want for your lawn? A striped finish?

With these questions in mind, below is a list of different lawnmower types.

Types of lawnmowers

Corded electric lawnmowers

Corded electric mowers are a fantastic option for anyone with a small to mid-sized family lawn. On average, they cost around £150, and of course, come with the fantastic feature of not having to purchase fuel. They are incredibly light and are great for mowing right up to the edge of lawns as they often come with lawn combs and inset front wheels. The only downsides here are that you are always limited by the cable length.

Hover lawnmowers

Hover mowers may sound like a gardening tool of the future, but they are actually extremely affordable and useful tools. They glide over grass using a cushion of air, slicing away as they float. Most cost around the £80 mark, but if you want a sturdier machine able to cut through more and pick up clippings for you, you'll be paying around £150.

Cordless lawnmowers

Cordless mowers used to be incredibly weak when compared to their petrol counterparts, but that is no longer the case. A quality cordless mower will cost you around the vicinity of £400 to £500. Of course, the cordless mower's biggest advantage is not having to deal with that pesky cable, you can cut anywhere you like. Instead, you will have to contend with the mower's charge. Keep an eye on this detail when purchasing a new mower, as they can sometimes be very low and not suitable for your usage.

Petrol lawnmowers

Petrol lawnmowers are the most powerful machines on the market. They can tackle large grassy lawns, bumpy hills and thick weeds with no issue. You will be paying extra for the privilege, somewhere around the £500 zone, for a decent petrol mower. Keep in mind, these mowers will need to be serviced regularly, which can be an extra £100 each year. There is also the extra issue of the environmental problems caused by using a petrol lawnmower.

Robot lawnmowers

Robotic mowers do not come cheap, but they make the whole grass mowing process a lot easier. Once set up, the small mower will automatically mow your lawn and grass. Their price starts at around £650 but can grow higher depending on how sophisticated the particular model is.

How much should I pay for a good lawnmower?

Ultimately, the price that you are going to pay for your lawnmower is dependent on a few factors. The type of lawnmower you are planning on purchasing is the biggest factor. Hover lawnmowers are some of the cheapest on the market and will cost you around £70 to £80, whereas some huge petrol mower beasts can cost over £1000.

You don't always need to pay hundreds to get a lawnmower with fantastic features and usability, though. You can still great a fantastic machine for a lower price. Sometimes a higher price just indicates the inclusion of features you will never need or a famous brand name. At the end of the day, there is no real way to know how you feel about a lawnmower until you've used it, so feel free to visit our showroom so we can give you a demonstration or so you can test the machine yourself.

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