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The Mower Shop are proud to stock machinery from all the top manufacturers in the commercial ride-on mower markets. We supply a huge range of mowers at our showroom in West Haddon, nearby Northampton, that we are perfectly happy to give you a demonstration with or to let you try out during your visit.

Our Ride-on Mowers

Not only do we have a fantastic wealth of first-rate machines available for you, but we also have friendly and knowledgeable employees who know all about the mowers we sell. They are always present in the showroom to help you get the right equipment you need for your job.

If you are located in the Northampton, Leicester or Kettering area, or surrounding areas, and you are in the market for a ride-on mower, then there absolutely no better place to shop for gardening equipment than our showroom. Take a look at the garden machinery page on our website for an overview of all the different brands and types of mowers that we stock in our showroom. You can also look on that page for commercial garden machinery other than ride-on mowers.

At The Mower Shop, we also provide a price march scheme, which means that you are always getting the best price possible, along with the fantastic service we offer. We also have a full-service centre for your mower, as well as supplying a huge range of spare parts for all the mowers and other machinery we sell. If you want more information on the parts we can supply, then check out the servicing page on our website.

Which Ride On Lawn Mower Is Best For Me?

Do I Need A Ride-On Lawn Mower?

Your personal need for a ride-on mower really depends on two factors. The property you would be using the mower on, and your budget for gardening equipment. If your property only has a small area of grass and you aren't willing to spend any more than around £500, then a ride-on mower isn't quite right for you at the moment. A petrol lawn mower or cordless mower might fit your situation a little better. These mowers are built to be used on lawns of around 150 sqm or higher.

If you are looking for a mower and want something that will reduce the amount of work you need to do, then perhaps a robotic mower will be a good option for you. Robotic mowers will look after the lawn without you having to do anything, they work automatically. Of course, another alternative is to simply hire a gardener, though this may prove to be more expensive in the long term.

How much does a ride-on lawn mower cost?

Typically, a ride-on mower will cost around £1200. If your property has around an acre or less of lawn to be cut, then a ride-on mower is a perfect fit for you. Especially ride-on mowers with the cutting deck at the front of the mower or even in front of the wheels. These ride-ons are compact and manoeuvrable vehicles. They are perfect for cutting around flower beds, trees, and under furniture. You may also want to consider whether you want a machine with a mulching function. Mulching will cut the grass into extremely small pieces and then fire it back into the lawn so it can rot down. This means that you don't have to deal with disposing of the clippings yourself.

Lawn tractors, sometimes confused with ride-on mowers, have an average cost of around £1500. They are larger than ride-on mowers and can be identified by their engine located in the front of the machine, with the seat just behind and the blades below the seat. These mowers have much more powerful engines than ride-on mowers, so they're perfect for tough terrain or large areas.

Garden tractors are the most expensive variety of ride-on lawn mowers; they can cost between £2000 and £5000 and can grow to an even higher price depending on the machine's specifications and brand. These beasts are capable of cutting through over five acres of lawn, so if you have huge amounts of grass to deal with, this might be the mower for you.

Which Is The Best Ride-On Lawn Mower?

Honda- Honda mowers are well known for their engines, which are considered to be incredibly reliable. Honda machines are at a mid-range price, going from small mowers costing around £2000, all the way to garden tractors of around £4000.

John Deere - John Deere are one, if not the most, well-known company when it comes to large scale garden equipment. Their smallest tractors cost around £2000 and are extremely heavy-duty, so can deal with all kinds of terrain and attachments.

Kubota- Not quite a household name, but Kubota manufacture a wide variety of mowers. They are known for their zero-turn mowers. They are quite a pricey brand, with an average cost of around £4000, but you'll certainly be getting a first-rate professional machine.

Mountfield- Another one of the most popular brands when it comes to mowers. Mountfield's are fantastic for entry-level lawn mowers, with a cost of around £1000 for a starter mower.

Ride-on mower features to look for

Always go for a machine that uses mulching systems. This will drastically reduce the work you will have to do post-mowing, as you will not have to sort out a grass box and disposal of grass clippings.

If you can, make sure your mower uses twin extra-power blades rather than single blade systems.

If the area you are planning to use your mower on has a complex shape with many obstacles and turns, then look into purchasing a zero-turning circle mower. This will help with cutting the grass right up to the edge of obstacles.

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